Website Pricing & Packages

At Laubacher Multimedia we work with businesses of all types and sizes. We know that no matter how big or small you are, price is an important factor when making a decision about your website.

We feel that we offer a fantastic value to our customers, so we are not afraid to be up front with our pricing. If you find a better value for the money come see us and we'll do the best we can to beat it!

Our pricing for...

New or Redesigned Websites

Although we do design fully custom websites, most fall into the same pricing pattern and contain the same components. The purpose of this pricing guide is to give you an idea of how we price projects and to give you a general idea of how much your website might cost.

Component One : Design
We have three design levels; Essentials, Professional, and Custom.

  • Essentials - $600
  • Professional - $1,500
  • Custom - Depends on the requirements

The difference between levels is in how much time is spent on the graphic design, the number of choices the designer creates, and the number of revisions allowed.

Component Two : Page Builds
We have found that the easiest and fairest way to price the buiding of a website is to charge per page.

  • Normal Pages - $60/per page
  • Pages with Content Management - $80/per page

Content Management is the ability to edit the page yourself. Our Content Management System also has an annual license fee. See the Content Management section for those fees.

Component Three : Hosting
We offer great hosting options whether we design your site or not.

  • Basic Hosting - $500/year, includes 1 hour of service per month (see details)
  • Advanced Hosting - $700/year, for basic e-commerce or data-driven websites
  • Dedicated Servers - $400/month, for entrprise-level sites

If you have hosting with another company, or would like to use another company's service we can help with setting it up and moving your site. Our rate for Hosting IT Service is $100/hour.

Component Four : Content Management
The last component of our typical pricing formula is Content Management.

  • Hourly Support - $75/hour, call us when you need us
  • Content Management System - $300/year, edit your web pages yourself
  • Dedicated Resources - $60/hour, we can assign someone to be dedicated to your site *

* The dedicated resource program requires a contract with a minimum of 5 hours per week for 3 months.

To summarize, the price for most websites is calculated as:

+ Page Builds
+ Hosting
+ Content Management

Custom Development

Custom Development projects are always prices on an hourly basis. Rates are based on the type of programming that is required.

.NET Development Rate (C# or VB): $100
XSLT Development Rate: $95
SQL Server / Database Development Rate: $125
Classic ASP Development Rate (VBScript): $100


We offer two approaches for development projects; agile or spec.

Agile In the agile approach a set of requirements are gathered and an outline for the project is put together with a time estimate for completing the project. Then development begins. We charge based on the hours it takes to develop to the requirements.

This approach works best of there is not time to develop a spec, if the project is fairly simple, or if time is of the essence.

Spec In the spec approach, a detailed specification is prepared before time is estimated or development is started. The spec can be put together by the customer or by Laubacher Multimedia. If Laubacher Multimedia develops the spec, our rate is $75/hour.

The spec approach is typically the recommended approach for projects that are estimated to be more than 40 hours, if there are a lot of details, or if it is important to know the exact cost up front.

Online Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization : New Websites
All websites designed by Laubacher Multimedia include search engine optimization. We use proven techniques for taking advantage of search engine algorithms to get your site ranked high on the most popular search engines.

Search Engine Optimization : Existing Websites
Although the way a site is constructed plays a big part in search engine optimization, we can help just about every site improve it's search engine placement. Our rate for SEO work is $50 per page. It's easy to get started! Contact Laubacher Multimedia today.

Social Media Marketing : Get Started Plan
Laubacher Multimedia can help you get started with Social Media Marketing. Our Get Started plan begins with a meeting to learn about your goals and objectives. We then strategize and determine you best use of social media. We will then get you set up and started using Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn. A monthly follow up for 3 months is also included in the Get Started Plan

The Get Started Social Media plan is just $200.

Email Marketing
Our Email Marketing system is $150/year. It includes a variety of basic email templates. We can also help you create a unique and stunning email marketing template for only $200.

Content Management Services

Content Management is the ability to edit the pages of your site yourself. Pricing for our Content Management Services has two basic levels. There are also several add-on applications that can be added to give you increased functionality.

Small Sites
Small sites with 5 or less pages that require content management have an annual license fee of $100. We also charge $20 per page to integrate the content into the pages.

Standard Content Management
Sites with more than 5 pages that require content management have an annual license fee of $300. We also charge $20 per page to integrate the content into the pages. The Standard Content Managment level also comes with our Photo Gallery component and Email Newsletter component for no additional fees.

Add On Applications


Hosting Services

We can host your website whether we've designed your website or not. Our philosophy is that when you host with us, you are partnering with us and our responsibility is to make sure your website stays up and running.

Basic Website Hosting : $500/year
Our Basic Website Hosting is $500/year. We allow annual or quarterly billing. The Basic Website Hosting comes with 1 hour of service per month. Hours cannot be carried over from month to month.

E-Commerce Website Hosting : $600/year
E-Commerce sites require extra attention due their their size, number of resources (images, etc.), and the database that support the cart. Laubacher Multimedia can handle hosting for small online merchants to large enterprise-level e-commerce stores.

Web Application Hosting : $100/month
Our expertise in building data-driven web applications has translated to expertise in hosting such sites as well. We are able to host data driven sites and their databases. We provide full backup and support.

Dedicated Server Hosting : Starting at $400/month
Companies with specific security or bandwidth requirements can count on Laubacher Multimedia for dedicated server services. From setup to daily maintenance, Laubacher Multimedia provides an extremely good value for dedicated server hosting solutions.