Web Development

Business websites have evolved from online brochures to tools that integrate directly into the business. This usually involves data, databases, or moving data from one place to another. Adding automation to your website can greatly improve efficiency and profitability.

Experienced Web Developers

Laubacher Multimedia's team of web developers have developed dozens of web applications ranging in complexity from simple, one-page data collection to enterprise-level database driven applications. We can help collect information, integrate systems, transfer data, or build intelligent user interfaces.

Visit our web development portfolio to see what we are capable of.


Our Web Development Capabilities

Here are some examples of the types of systems we have developed.

e-Commerce: We have developed enterprise level e-commerce applications involving thousands of products. We are experienced in migrating data into an e-commerce platform and in building product management tools to help the e-commerce operator run their business.

Online Learning: Laubacher Multimedia has developed online learning applications that allow administrators to set up course work, students to manage their workload, and instructors to grade work. We have also built systems that allow students and teachers to communicate better online.

Sophisticated Surveys: We have helped companies deploy sophisticated survey systems to monitor customer satisfaction. Systems have included batch email deployment, data collection, and reporting aspects.

Insurance Industry Automation: One of our specialties is in insurance automation. We have years of experience with rating, policy management, and systems integration. We are especially adapt at XML, web services, and user interfaces.

Real Estate Listing Services: Our web developers have implemented several residential and commercial listing service integrations. We are capable of integrating with MLS services or other third-party providers of listing information.


Web Development Technology and Languages

Our development team is experienced in a wide variety of systems and languages including, but not limited, to the following:

  • .NET - C# and VB
  • SQL Server and SQL Language
  • XML and XSLT
  • Classic ASP and PHP
  • JavaScript, AJAX, and JQuery