Content Management

Keeping the content on your website current and fresh is important to attract new visitors and keep visitors returning. Search engines like new content, and users won't return if the information they see does not change.

What is Content Management

When we talk about Content Management we are usually talking about the way you are managing, or updating your content. Typically this can by doing it yourself using website editing software or content management software. Or you can have a professional manage your content for you. Which way you go depends on several factors including your interest and time in doing this, your budget, and your level of skill at the tasks that need to happen in order to update your content.


Do It Yourself

About half of our customers have the interest and time to manage their website content themselves. For these customers we set up a Content Management System that allows them to edit their website content using an editor that looks much like a word processor (like Word) or email program. Our Content Management System has some great features, like versioning, that make it easy to be up and running in less than a half hour.


Let Us Do It For You

The other half of our customers don't have the time or interest in managing their content themselves. For them, it is easier to have us update their content for them. They simply send us and email, or submit a support ticket, and our content staff makes the changes for them. Many updates are quick for us to do, and we bill in 15 minute increments, so costs can be kept in control.