Web Designer

We appreciate the unique skills required to be a Web Designer in today's marketplace. Not just a designer. Not just a coder. It takes a unique blend of skills to be really good at web design. We are always looking for really good (or great... although you'd have to be pretty cocky to call yourself great) web designers.

Opportunity Description

We only hire web designers that have a proven track record and that are a good fit for our organization. So, we typically test out new designers on at least three projects before hiring them.

We are looking for designers that are experienced at designing for search engine friendly websites that are easily managed. Meaning that the designs should be simple to modify, add on to, or change. Also, content must be seperated from the styles.

One thing we try to avoid is hiring a designer that is close minded, or not capable of taking cost and time into consideration. There is a time and a place for perfection, but not all projects require it. So an open and flexible mind is important.


  • Develop design concepts for customers that will meet their business goals
  • Slice the concepts and assist in the building of pages
  • Design banners, graphics, and content for websites
  • Work with production team and assist wherever needed
  • Communicate with customers and account managers about deadlines, requirements, and project status


  • A degree is helpful, but experience is more important
  • Proven creativity
  • Team player and willing to help wherever needed
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Strong HTML and CSS experience; CSS layouts only
  • Proven work ethic
  • Passion for design and the web

If you are interested in pursuing this position use the contact form below, call Tim Laubacher at 860.305.5690, or mail your resume to:

Laubacher Multimedia, Inc.
Attn: Tim Laubacher
1343 Sullivan Ave.
South Windsor, CT 06074